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Oliver & Co. Vetiverus

A combination of two intense natural ingredients that are unique in their olfactive profile: vetiver and osmanthus. With its unmistakable dry, earthy and woody notes, vetiver is one of the most common ingredients in classical and modern perfumery, while the rare osmanthus absolute is reserved for the most exclusive perfumery. Its heady scent reveals notes of dried apricots and lactones, with heavy undertones of leather and honey.
  • Ambergris, Haitian vetiver, Madagascan clove bud, Orange zest, Osmanthus absolute, Patchouli, Russian coriander, Spanish labdanum, Styrax, White musk
  • PerfumerOliver Ververde
  • Year Introduced2012
  • ConcentrationEau de Parfum
  • ProductionNew Formulation
  • GenderUnisex
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